What the heck happened to cascadingStyle.net?

As you may or may not have noticed, oh faithful readers, cascadingStyle has been languishing for quite some time now. It's been over a year since I last posted! To make matters worse, I suffered a catastrophic hosting failure and lost everything but the database for this site and the site was down for nearly a month completely.

With a new host, the site is back up and running and the content is restored. Commenting is disabled for now but should be coming back soon, and a temporary theme has been dropped in until I have some time to redesign.

Look for more posts soon!

Thanks for bearing with me,

Brian McMurray

Making SMS Work For You -- Building SMS Actions for Drupal

At the MIT Mobile Experience Lab, we are doing a lot of interesting projects to connect people more with the places they visit, the people they know (or don't know), and information, with an emphasis on helping people while they are mobile. Since an increasing number of mobile people carry mobiles, a lot of my work has been working on ways to create connection by using a cellphone.

Lately in particular I have been working with SMS. The SMS Framework for Drupal is pretty awesome, but we needed better two-way communication. We aren't trying to just let people post to a Drupal site via SMS, we needed to be able to send commands to Drupal via SMS to trigger activity in the site and receive feedback.

I drew a lot of the design for my SMS actions from my experience working with the Services module and it functions in a very similar way. Contrib modules register their own actions (keywords which are triggered off the first word of an incoming SMS) and specify callback methods for those actions. The callbacks then process the text and can fire back responses to the user or simply just perform some action in the system.

Drupal BootCamp Wrap-Up and Our Top 10 Drupal 5 Modules

A few weeks ago, Steve and I organized a Drupal BootCamp here at Bradley University that went very, very well. About 40 people attended. Steve and I tag-teamed the morning sessions on how to get started using Drupal to build a simple website, step-by-step.

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